Scenic Designs

Incline / Decline

Much like a roller coaster, a relationship has it's ups and downs. This play follows the story of Christian, a man on a quest for love, sex and the true meaning of what it is to be a man. The story takes place during three separate periods of time with three separate relationships; all told from Christian's point of view.

Photo Credit - Chaz Sanders
Set Design - Jacob Henry
Lighting Design - Chaz Sanders
Concept Drawings

Made with Sketchup

Realized Design

Mr. Marmalade

In this quirky, R-rated play about Lucy and her imaginary friend Mr. Marmalade, we see that our imaginations are powerful things. After Lucy and Mr. Marmalade get "married", they decide to honeymoon in Mexico. The audio clip below is the transition between the honeymoon phase and real life after marriage for Lucy and her new abusive husband.

Concept Drawings

Made with Sketchup

Realized Design

Estacado High School

Lubbock , Texas

Concept Drawings made with Sketchup, technical drawings made in Vectorworks

Conceptual Design

Mobile, Alabama

Downtown Performing Arts Center


 Made with Vectorworks